Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tour Stop Today With Francene Stanley

The wonderful author Francene Stanley hosts me today at her blog, and discusses women in combat. For us in 2013, it's still a topic of debate, so you can imagine how people argued the pros and cons back in World War II.

Yet, that didn't stop Winston Churchill from establishing and supporting the Special Operations Executive--an organization full of female spies who would often parachute into Nazi-occupied  France (and other territories) and fulfill dangerous missions.

I had a lot of fun incorporating some of these tidbits into the world of The Gray Tower Trilogy, since the setting is an alternate WWII where not only do the British have to battle Nazis, but also their warlocks and vampires who've allied with them.

It's a bit of Inglorious Basterds meets urban fantasy. A delightfully fun change from some of the typical fantasy you see out there.

I hope you're able to stop by Francene's blog today, and if you haven't entered my giveaway, just click on the ENTER THE GIVEAWAY tab up above and get on it :)


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