Praise for The Gray Tower Trilogy

Praise for The Tower's Alchemist

The story itself is intriguing and unique. It has action, love, suspense, and everything else that makes up a great fantasy story. The settings are realistic to their historical times and the reader can really see this having the potential to have happened, albeit in a fictional universe.
– Review

I love paranormal, I love spy stories (especially with tough female spies), and I love historical fiction. So when I saw the premise of this book, I expected to enjoy it. And I wasn’t disappointed. This story was a fast-paced thrill ride set in a vividly described WWII Europe where Nazis employ vampires and the occult to help them carry out their ghastly agenda.
–Goodreads Review

Praise for Dark Rift

I really think you should purchase this book (and the first). They’re wonderful examples of modern literature, and anybody into fiction-fantasy is in for a wonderful ride!

In addition to the variety of allies and enemies Isabella George encounters in the first book, an array of new characters and situations await a reader in Dark Rift. Some of the characters are warm while others are of a most sinister and evil nature. I even found myself having some difficulty falling to sleep at night after one particular encounter.
While I will not disclose any of the major plot elements, I will reveal that there are several plot twists for which there is little or no warning. While there might be extremely subtle hints, Alesha keeps her secrets well hidden.
–Goodreads Review

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